These jewels are sold...

Necklaces - large



Necklaces - with mineral stones







Necklaces - with flowers and leafs






Necklaces - inspired by nature






Necklaces - inspired by fantasy world




Necklaces without pendant (chains, tubes)






Necklaces - wedding




Necklaces - ball (with faceted glass stones)




Necklaces - historical






Pendants - with mineral stones








Pendants - the others








Bracelets - bead embroidery



Bracelets - with mineral stones, crystals and other cabochons




Bracelets - with flowers and leafs



Bracelets - the others







Earrings - beaded mineral stones






Earrings - beaded swarovski crystals








Earrings - other beaded material










Earrings  - with flowers and leafs




Earrings - sewn




Earrings - ear clip






Hairgrips - bead embroidery






Hairgrips - sewn



Brooches - beaded mineral stones






Brooches - other beaded material




Brooches - bead embroidery



Brooches - flowers



The others